Why Choose Us

We are a group of New York State Certified Teachers who have both classroom and tutoring experience. Our tutors’ expertise in their fields of study allow them to provide quality individualized instruction. Port Tutoring provides personalized attention to each of our students. Instruction is tailored to meet individual needs and is designed to build upon students’ academic strengths and learning styles. We work together with each student and his/her parents to develop both short-term and long-term achievement goals. Assessments are provided on a regular basis. We are available by appointment seven days a week. Sessions may be held at our center or at a convenient location near you.


  • I have used Port Tutoring for 2 school years. They will match your student with the right tutor and if you need to make a change, there is no problem. I have really appreciated the reliability of the tutors. Very high quality. Thank you.

    -Pam, parent
  • Two of your tutors provided invaluable aid to my daughter for finishing out her senior year in both AP Biology and Pre-calculus. In both cases my daughter was struggling and spending an inordinate amount of time on homework. After a very short period working with your tutors, my daughter’s time on homework reduced down to a reasonable amount and her grades increased to a level we were hoping for.

    -Michael, parent

About Port Tutoring

We have a simple and effective formula. If a student is struggling in school or wants advance tutoring, we can help through personalized one-on-one instruction and attention in a nurturing environment. We have helped countless students over the years and strive to make learning a positive experience. For further information, call Port Tutoring , based in Port Washington, New York. We are committed to your student’s academic success, and would love to be of assistance to your family.


Tutoring provides the perfect environment for a relaxed and comfortable studying environment. The student is able to progress at their own natural pace, and form a mentoring bond with the tutor. It further eliminates peer pressure which can inhibit students from the level of focused concentration required to excel in academics. This invites students into a deeper, more focused concentration on the subject matter.

Affordable Rates and Easy Enrollment Process

We offer the highest quality tutoring at competitive hourly rates, with no hidden costs. We do not require expensive, invasive and exhausting personal evaluations or long term contracts. Our aim is to facilitate tutoring conveniently and affordable for your family.

Best and Brightest Tutors

Our tutors are all, degreed educators who care about their students, and are passionate about teaching. We do not hire young college students, instead our tutors are teachers at the local schools, or degreed professionals working on Masters/PhD’s offering content mastery in their area of study. Tutors are carefully selected based on their teaching experience, personality, academic background, credentials and other qualifications.

Classroom Textbooks and Materials

We utilize the classroom textbooks and materials, along with our own effective tutoring resources and proven techniques. We make certain that our students understand their homework assignments, and complete them. We are committed to going the extra mile to help our students excel in the classroom and will contact their teachers whenever it’s appropriate.

The advantage of a private tutor

In a classroom setting, students do not always receive the individual attention they need to master subjects. Individualized attention enables students to progress at their own pace and according to their own learning aptitudes. The tutor is completely available to your student during their session together. In addition to academic understanding and achievement tutoring also brings a greater sense of accountability to the student. Students tend to work harder when they have someone holding them accountable and praising them for completing their work and mastering concepts.