Why Choose Us

We are a group of New York State Certified Teachers who have both classroom and tutoring experience. Our tutors’ expertise in their fields of study allow them to provide quality individualized instruction. Port Tutoring provides personalized attention to each of our students. Instruction is tailored to meet individual needs and is designed to build upon students’ academic strengths and learning styles. We work together with each student and his/her parents to develop both short-term and long-term achievement goals. Assessments are provided on a regular basis. We are available by appointment seven days a week. Sessions may be held at our center or at a convenient location near you.



What our clients are saying:

“I have used Port Tutoring for 2 school years. They will match your student with the right tutor and if you need to make a change, there is no problem. I have really appreciated the reliability of the tutors. Very high quality. Thank you Port Tutoring.”

- Pam, parent

“Two of your tutors provided invaluable aid to my daughter for finishing out her senior year in both AP Biology and Pre-calculus. In both cases my daughter was struggling and spending an inordinate amount of time on homework. After a very short period working with your tutors, my daughter’s time on homework reduced down to a reasonable amount and her grades increased to a level we were hoping for.”

- Michael, parent

“I began using Port Tutoring last year for my sixth grader and assistance with his spelling struggles. We used two different tutors and they were both great teachers with a vast amount of patience. My son learned a great deal from each tutor and his spelling skills definitely improved. The tutors were really good with scheduling and accommodating our own personal family schedule. I would recommend Port Tutoring to anyone looking for extra help with their skills in school.”

- Karen, parent

“Port Tutoring was suggested by the high school counselor as one of several resources. Within 24 hours of contacting Ronni, I had a Geometry and English tutor come to my home to start working with my child. Both tutors were well-qualified, knowledgeable, timely and professionally. It was a fantastic resource in terms of speed and quality of tutoring services. My child was in AP courses and needed additional support as his workload increased. The tutors came weekly for sessions and increased their visits as we approached final exams. They provided good support, checked homework, provided additional resources for study and practice. I highly recommend Port Tutoring. I will definitely call upon them in the future for tutoring needs.”

- Kala, parent

“We love our tutor! She is fantastic, and I am very pleased with how it’s going. They are spending about half the time reviewing old formulas and concepts and the rest of time is on current work. Thank you for sending such a great tutor we have been very happy with Port Tutoring!”

- Leslie, parent

“Port Tutoring has been very responsive to my teenage daughter with a learning disability’s ever-changing instructional needs. Not only do they provide high caliber tutors, but they work to match the tutor to the needs and personality of the student. My daughter’s grades have risen since she began tutoring with them, and her stress level dropped because of their excellent support. What a gift this company has been to our family!”

- Chris, parent

“My son just called me – he got his AP scores. He got a 4 on the Calculus exam and his A/B subscore was a 5. He never would have passed without the help he got from tutoring. If you need a success story – you got one!”

- Melissa, parent

“I just want to say share that I’ve seen a great attitude change towards math since working with Brittany. Nothing with the teacher has changed. My husband and I are both out of the equation now and my daughter does her homework on her own. Whatever she does not understand she saves for Brittany to look at with her. She looks forward to the tutoring sessions, and I enjoy listening to them working together and love the confidence I hear in my daughter’s responses! We are thrilled to have turned her math experience from a negative to a positive. Thank you Port Tutoring!”

- Sareta, parent

What our tutors are saying:

“Port Tutoring has given me the opportunity to get deeply involved in the education of individual students. Often, it is a subtle misunderstanding in content that students miss along the way that creates struggle and frustration. As a tutor, I am able to focus my attention on finding and addressing those concerns. Seeing students reach their greatest potential makes tutoring for Port Tutoring a highly rewarding experience for both me and the students. Thanks!”

- Megan, Tutor - Third Grade Teacher

“The best thing about working with Port Tutoring are those moments when you can see a light bulb flickering on in a child’s understanding. When my students can articulate a method or rule back to me, I know they have gained understanding in the material; understanding that builds their subject confidence and skill!”

- Kelly,Tutor

“Working as a tutor with Port Tutoring was a wonderful learning opportunity for me. It is important for many young students to have one-on-one time, even if they understand the classroom material. One high school student I worked with really flourished as a writer during our time together. I was there to push her ideas about writing; to be both a creative sounding board and someone who could help her with the stepping stones that would help her accomplish her goals: grammar and syntax. As a result, I feel that she grew as a writer, I grew as a teacher, and we had a great time in the process!”

- Jenny,Tutor

“The one-on-one relationship of tutoring is unlike any other. As I tutor, I know my students well–their learning styles, their motivators, their struggles, and their strengths. I believe all students have great capacity for learning. As a tutor at Port Tutoring, I can cater to the specific needs of each student, whether it be in content review, reasoning, or study skills. My greatest joy as a tutor is watching students realize what they are capable of. Thanks, Port Tutoring, for this awesome opportunity!

- Anna,Tutor

“Mastering the art of writing requires a lifetime of work. It is truly inspiring to coach students who are motivated to overcome educational challenges at such a young age. As for those students who are resistant to the process, it is incredibly rewarding to watch them come around, to begin to understand the importance of articulating their ideas with clarity and confidence. In this way, they lay the groundwork for successful lives. They come to realize that what they have to say matters.”

- Justine, Tutor